Users Protection

Our advanced software controls your system access. We limit system permissions and hence provide internal security to all your users. Hence, along with password protection we provide the overall system security which inturn reduces the internal risks.


Divide system users into user categories based on their job description and access privileges. Access can be granted or restricted to view information, edit information, and/or perform specific functions.


Our software can setup and reset passwords for every individual user. Number of attempts and special symbols or numbers can also be restricted.

Time period

We make note on login time of every individual user and can keep track of them by recording their IP address.


Customer Groups

We group and separate customers depending on their mode of operation that includes engineer, planner, architecture, etc.

Customer Data

We keep note of delivery instructions of every individual customer.

Customer Documents

We maintain records of all customer information that may include their settlement forms and annual returns etc.

Customer Alerts

You can notify customers with unpaid accounts and hence sales teams are alerted when looking at customer activities.

Product Support

Product Search

One can search for products by its name, code, sub name, features, specifications, its origin etc.

Alternate Names

Enter all the sub names for each product. When you search for a particular product, you can enter its actual name or all its sub names or alternate names.

Special Pricing for Customer

Every individual customer can be given a special price for each product which nullifies the actual price level.

Product Documents

You can maintain records of all product information that may include their features, specifications, description etc.


All other inventory management systems may not give complete and full fledged information. But here ate Stone Jobber, you can track information right from slab/item level. Yan can store & maintain the size/square foot and take note of prices of each slab that are currently in your warehouse.

Inventory Inspection

You can inspect your inventory by product name, code, bundle number, alternate name, serial number, etc.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory with all the misused, broken, or unwanted slabs or products. You can increase or decrease , write off, classify again, or split inventory.


Skip errors and make use of your precious time smartly while providing estimates for all your regularly fabricated jobs by customizing your packages.

Estimation Entry

Enter the quotes into the system and hence when a customer visits us, the recorded estimation can be given without wasting their time and our time; You can even share the quote through email directly from the system. Above all, the format and language on the estimation can be customized even.

Inventory Feasibility

Also through quotation page, you can easily know about each and every information about inventory that is either available in stock, or in shipment to review before estimating its price. Estimation Amendments.

Estimation Amendments

Estimations can be revised with customer requirements. Those changes may include product name, cost etc. These amendments can also be used to show customers their specific choices and they can compare the price associated with every individual product.

System Setup

Trouble free & flexible Integration

Our setup process merges Stone Jobber & your business to create a smooth business process. The flexibility offered by the system is a great resource placing your business to the top level.

System guidelines

The system asks you to mention business rules, periodic language, currency, and much more. You can modify and update system guidelines that can match the system's operation with the way you run your organization.

Guidelines & Legal documents

Customize all the required statements and documents on various forms like purchase orders, sales orders, bills, policies, etc.

Communication & Mails

Maintaining communication with all the people you get connected with your business is mandatory. Hence, we let you maintain a proper and smooth communication through short letters or notification. Here, you can edit all the notifications, letters, and much more.