Inventory Handling

Inventory module in Stone Jobber will have features and functionality to add/review/remove product cataloguge(stocks, non-stock, custom, products, pricing, lists, customer pricing).

Inventory Search

Search inventory by bar code, product name, product code, manufacturer name.

Inventory by Location

Search the inventory by location which is divided into various storage locations.

Inventory by Section

Inventory sections are divided basing on the fast moving stock, returns, damaged.

Inventory Updating

executing any adjustments to existing inventory, transfer Orders, maintaining/tracking physical stockroom and retail Store inventory.

Purchase Handling

Stone Jobber buying module makes purchasing, dealer management and receiving inventory fast and easy.

Bar-Code Print

Print bar-codes for all the material in a warehouse, and attach the bar-codes to the slabs as you receive them into your catalogue.

Purchase Reference

Getting orders status tracking by each category, buying date, purchase list, purchase vendor.

Genrating Invoice

Creating a new invoice from a purchase order. Purchase returns are built into the software and allow for credit memos/refunds that can be received against in receipts.

Purchase Summary

Supplier bills and packaging management, batch purchase ordering and inventory return management. placing pre-purchases, to acquire and to be allocated lists freight management.


StoneJobber provides business partners and businesspeople flexibility in orders, invoicing, client returns, reports that can be printed, emailed or faxed directly from the system.

Distinct Orders

Categorize the orders by vendor transaction history, client selling information, weekly/monthly sales and report. Pre-Sales, associate or customer or labour data management or servicing, change order administration, returns and CR management, sales orders, debit memos.

Advance Registration

By providing details of customers with respect to an advance or commitment to the product..

Sales Analysis

The prospect of sales is from inside the company out toward the customers and their border is focused on this week, this month and this quarter often work inside to be sure their consumer orders are filled.


Stone Jobber accounting module will have functionalities related to accounting payables, account receivables management banking management and general ledger management.

Customer Records

Support unlimited shipping businesses, allowing your marketing to market to clients that have experienced your products and services so, that access all inventory and price data without ever leaving your order entry screen.

Account Payables Handling

Get the detail reports from account due to the history of each supplier or combination of entire transaction to inventory receipts to collecting inventory to inventory transactions.

Account Receivables Handling

Get the particular reports from selections to holds or special orders to deliveries to statements a cyclic process.

Convenient Document

Export businesses orders and quotes to common document arrangements like Pdf and Google Docs, letting you swiftly share with your client, partner or co-workers.


Customer Notification

Notify customers with overdue accounts, order confirmation, shipping notification, delivery notification so, salespersons are alerted when entering customer transactions.

End to end tracking

  • Stone Jobber gives Real-Time Tracking and Order Delivery Notifications.

  • Online real-time tracking and automatic notifications form the customer experience and even the service.

  • So our software had a feature of the end to end tracking ability with our innovative tracking, delivery scheduling and electronic notifications management module to manage your deliveries.

  • In turn, your clients can manage their own distribution status through our customized applications. Whether you enter the order into our online order control system or call our Customer Service department.

  • Your order is quickly updated in our software and automatically tracked at our customer portal.

  • Automatic updates upon order submission pickup and delivery.


Stone Jobber presents various kinds of statements that help to trace your day-to-day activities from suppliers or vendor information, inventory analysis, inventory by status.

Various Reports

Sales Report

Gain or loss description of each product shows that trends happen in company sales volume overtime increasing or decreasing.

Purchase report

provide data on purchase order activities with criteria to produce a wide variety of purchase\related data like order report, delivery option, stock return report.

Inventory report

Report that provides information regarding the fast moving product and moderate moving product and total product report.

Accounts report

Accounting payables statement, account receivables report and banking administration report.

Customer report

Client history report, it covers total orders and returns Print a report that shows the materials on hold per customer. This will permit you to analyze every customer holds to Sales Ratio.


Stone Jobber presents barcode easiness in our software, across various industries, barcodes offer automatic product identification, extremely quick recognition of a particular slab.

Cost Effective

  • Although application complexity changes, it costs simply a few cents per barcode label.

  • Plus, you can decrease your overhead and cut down on training time and labour, developing productivity.

  • It will also decrease the costs of capital for carrying excess inventory since knowing exactly what is in funds will help avoid ordering plenty of stock.

  • By knowing the exact amount of inventory, without a doubt, will allow you to make reductions perfectly.

Eliminate Error

  • manually keying numbers can be a pain; barcoding is a zephyr.

  • For every one thousand keystrokes done by a person, there is an average of 10 errors made.

  • Errors in the front-end finally vile cargo delays when employees have to hunt for items that may not be in stock or are misplaced.

  • In addition, data errors can cause overspending when too much list is ordered.

Salesforce Enablement

Sales Force Enablement is a strategic, cross-functional discipline designed to increase sales results and productivity by providing integrated content,training and coaching services for salespeople and frontline sales managers along the entire customer journey, powered by technology. is the leading company which provides salesforce features and we are offering that feature as a in-built in our ERP software makes business and sales atmosphere easy and healthy.